Dumping The Dollar

Dumping The Dollar

Chân Lý  hai bên dãy Pyrénées 

Xấu, Đẹp tùy người đối diện
Nhà báo Tông Đơ hô hào mọi người đi nhặt đô la ở mấy xứ đang đổ đô la ngập tràn đống rác. Xin bấm dưới đây:

These Countries Are Quickly And Quietly Dumping The Dollar

Over the past few months, there has been a steady uptick in the number of countries dumping significant portions of their dollar holdings. This is causing many people to worry whether or not the US economy is in for a massive shock sooner, later, or somewhere in between.
While American corporate media outlets either ignore the developments entirely or claim that there is nothing to worry about, the reality is that the dumping of the dollar is a process that is clearly underway. More than that, it appears it is a process that is at least partially coordinated by a number of countries that have been targets of American sanctions and financial bullying in the “post 9/11 world.”

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