Inside This Issue:
‘Cannabis Is Business’

Governments and major corporations around the world are waking up to the big business – and resulting big taxes – of cannabis.
Here at American Consequences, we’ve been watching with equal parts skepticism and interest.
So this month, we’re asking the hard questions…
What does legal marijuana mean culturally? Can you make money if you invest in producers or growers today? What are the consequences for the U.S., its jails, and its politicians (remember, he didn’t inhale)? What will happen to the hard-working drug dogs?
And is pot bad for you?
After all, the last time a plant got this much attention, it was the 1600s and tulip bulbs were in favor. Will this time be different?
Health care analyst Tom Carroll tells us why it’s time to rethink everything you know about cannabis and cannabis investments
Featured contributor Alice B. Lloyd reports on an overlooked casualty of cannabis legalization… Drug-sniffing dogs.
Motel 6’s and NPR’s Tom Bodett returns to share his experience living clean in pot-friendly Vermont… and why he thinks legalization might not be so bad after all
Writer and journalist Christine Rosen looks at the commercialization of cannabis subculture… is THC-infused Polydent just around the corner?
The Cato Institute’s Trevor Burus examines the hidden costs of drug prohibition
Analyst Nick Giambruno explains how recent legislation has opened the floodgates for legal hemp and the CBD market…
Former CIA analyst Buck Sexton makes the case for using mass legalization to battle drug cartels
And our resident anonymous Book Grump reviews and rips some best-selling cannabis business books.
We’ve uploaded a PDF suitable for printing to our archive page.
And tell us what you think at
Steven Longenecker
Publisher, American Consequences

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