A new forum to talk about journalism

Chân Lý hai bên dãy Pyrénées 
Quán đầu hẻm không làm nhưng có bán Bastos xanh. Hớp ngụm cà phê từ dĩa (đĩa) mà thiếu Bastos xanh cứ như đi câu mà chẳng có cần (câu). Ở đời, 9 người 10 ý, vậy xin mời dô:

Introducing Galley: A new forum to talk about journalism

By Kyle Pope, CJR

NOVEMBER 29, 2018
WELCOME TO GALLEY. Or, for some of you, welcome back.
For years now, we’ve been looking for a way to open up CJR, to invite people in to talk, to debate, to think things through.
It is one of the biggest frustrations of the media moment in which we live: precisely when there is so much in journalism to discuss, the places we can have those conversations seem inadequate. Reader comments sections grew toxic; many outlets did away with them. Email to a generic address seems too impersonal. Facebook is too generic and politically fraught. And Twitter, where most of the journalistic conversation still happens, is a useful but chaotic place, mined with booby traps, jabbing, and outrage—not a forum for nuanced, thoughtful exchange. And yet that is what we all so desperately need.
People talk about social platforms as town squares, but Galley is really more of a neighborhood for journalism. You decide the experience you want, largely based on whom you trust. If you want a public square, where maybe someone’s standing on a milk crate railing about injustice while a crowd watches on, you can do that, by following along in a conversation open to everyone. But there’s also the option of a more quiet, one-on-one conversation just with people you trust. Designating those people is as simple as clicking the trust button on their profile. Different conversations and topics can be open to different groups of people, depending on your mood, on the subject matter, on who else is involved. It’s all entirely up to you.

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