black- 06-18-The Deep State’s “Hammer Platform” Revealed

The Deep State’s “Hammer Platform” Revealed
JUNE 17, 2019
The “Hammer,” created in the 2000s during the Bush Administration, was flipped into an offensive weapon by the Obama Administration to be run for domestic surveillance, etc.  It was supposed to be used for foreign surveillance ONLY, but the Obama Administration applied it to USA domestic society!
Nothing short of unbelievable, which the mainstream, lamestream media apparently colluded not to report to the public, is discussed by none other than Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom.
Alexandra Bruce, publisher at Forbidden Knowledge TV, in her narrative about the video below, says,
This is a full-blown psychological war that is hurting people and it’s especially perverse that it is being wielded by those who lord Political Correctness over everyone, by those who de-monetize, de-platform and de-bank creators who sincerely do stand for truth and justice.
It’s a symptom of something even bigger. One of my favorite writers, James Howard Kunstlercalls the current descent of liberalism into a maw of delusion and bad faith “Wokesterism…the widespread dishonest, despotic, and sadistic behavior syndrome that has roiled college campuses all over the country, and infected every corner of national life, including the giant social media companies, the corporate HR departments, the entire Democratic Party, virtually all show business, and the US Military. Wokesterism employs the same tactics used by Mao Zedong’s Red Guard during China’s ‘cultural revolution’ of the 1960s — an epic fiasco of mass coercion in which millions of innocent people were imprisoned, tortured, and executed to consolidate the ageing and ailing Mao’s power and purge all dissenters. Even the Chinese communist party got sick of it and quashed the hysteria after Mao’s death.”
But don’t be fooled by the woke theatrics. It’s all a big distraction from the largest political crime in US history and Dr Dave Janda is back on the SGT Report with the latest juicy, behind-the-scenes details.
These platforms were created because they don’t leave “footprints.” Whoa!
The video below probably is one of the most important “tools” trackingplus exposing the illegality that was implemented under the Obama Administration: Obama, Brennan and Clapper.  They used it as their privatized system to blackmail and leverage people, which denied Fourth Amendment rights!
That’s criminal activity, which covered for Hillary’s humiliating loss and others’ illegal criminal activities.
Every American’s freedom and security now are in harm’s way!
We no longer are guaranteed freedom, but live in a surveillance state, similar to China.
What’s going on behind the scenes?  How come two State Senators were murdered?  What did they know, and report, that apparently got them “offed”?
It’s time to demand a stop to all the collusion between the Deep State and ALL their collusionary partners.

What does the Deep State fear the most?

“The number of Deep State players that are trying to save themselves at the expense of other Deep State players is significant.”  “Rats turning on rats.”  … Dr. Dave Janda
What the Deep State Fears the Most
30:37 minutes

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