06-18-George Soros Pours Millions to Elect Prosecutors Weak on Crime

George Soros Pours Millions into Elections to Elect Prosecutors Weak on Crime
Democrats are tireless. It’s important to give them this credit. Most of us look at 2019, and we want a little break from politics. It gets exhausting listening to the insanity of the left, and they started their presidential primaries a full year early!
The problem is that we don’t get to take a break. We don’t get to sit back and enjoy the show. As fun as it is to watch the left eat their own, they’re doing a lot more than just parading a bunch of sideshow candidates around the country.
Where we aren’t looking, they are making surgical strikes, and this is the battlefront where the left might win 2020 before we even know who’s officially in the race.
The New Soros Plot
George Soros and Michael Bloomberg have long fancied themselves superior to normal Americans. They think that their money elevates them, and they’ve used that money to buy as much influence as they could.
For years, this mostly manifested in campaign donations and owning major media outlets. Well, the media influence is slipping, and Soros seems to have noticed. He has a new plan to retain his feeling of power over the plebeians.
Instead of investing in national elections to sway things at the federal level, Soros has noticed that his spending is far more efficient when he targets local elections. For a million dollars, he can completely swing something at the state level. By comparison, the tens of millions he spent in the 2018 midterms still had a negligible impact on federal gun law.
You should be worried that Soros has come to this realization. By funneling money through PACs, he can exert a lot of sway over a large number of elections every year. It adds up.
Rampant Spending
When you look at a pair of local elections in northern Virginia, you see that this can be devastating. Consider the race of this incumbent in Fairfax County. While she was a Democrat, she was an experienced prosecutor and had a decent record (for a Democrat at least). She campaigned hard and raised $191,000. All of that money came through individual contributions, and all of those individuals were locals. For this level of election, that’s a lot of support.
Comparatively, Soros’s puppet prosecutor (do they really deserve a name?) only raised $46,000 in individual contributions. Left alone, this would have easily been a runaway election. It’s hard to get your name out with just $46,000.
Enter daddy Sorosbucks. Through his packs, he funneled more than $700,000 into this election. That accounted for 96 percent of the opposition’s campaign funding. This translated into prime time TV adds (that are very expensive in northern VA) and massive local media coverage that never could have existed without the external influence.
Keep in mind that Soros lives in New York. It seems odd that he would care about local politics in Virginia.
This is where things take a chilling turn. By instilling a puppet prosecutor, Soros is exerting massive influence on Virginia law. The new prosecutor has made huge changes. They plan to eliminate drug possession charges. Keep in mind that drug possession has been essential in the American effort to curb violence over the last 30 years. It’s worked extremely well.
Not stopping there, the new prosecutor also wants to get rid of cash bail and the death penalty. Most importantly, they want to restore voting rights to 200,000 Virginia felons.
This is the biggest issue right here. By installing this prosecutor, Soros has found a way to circumvent Virginia law. The prosecutor’s aims are outright illegal (and their election funding was clearly unethical). They simply don’t care. They’ll selectively enforce laws, and the end result is adding huge tolls to Virginia voting ledgers. Guess which way this could swing Virginia in the next national election?
If you are thinking this isn’t a big deal since it’s a local election rather than a national one, think again. Look at what Soros’s donations did in Chicago recently. His donations got Kim Fox elected as prosecutor in Chicago. You know Fox as the prosecutor who decided to drop all charges against race-baiting actor Jussie Smollett. This is exactly the kind of thing that will happen more and more if Soros is successful.
There’s so much wrong with this, it’s tough to summarize. Soros has found that he really can buy smaller, local elections. When he targets these correctly, he can completely circumvent state and national legislation to instill the laws he wants to see. As these local influences add up, Soros will eventually be dictating how our country is run, from top to bottom.
It might sound extreme, but liberty isn’t destroyed in a single attack. It’s a death by a thousand cuts, and Soros is wielding the knife deftly. This man aims to be the dictator behind the scenes, and he’s off to a great start.

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