06-04-war with Big Tech’s malicious censorship and fraud

Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Comcast, Instagram suffer devastating outages as Trump goes to war with Big Tech’s malicious censorship and fraud
Sunday, June 02, 2019 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) It is no coincidence that two days after the Trump administration announced a massive DOJ anti-trust investigation into Google, dozens of tech companies have been disrupted via sweeping internet outages that many are calling the “internet kill switch.”
Throughout the day today (Sunday), massive outages took down nearly all Google services (Gmail, Google, YouTube, Google Home, Google Hangouts etc.), and hard-hitting glitches hit all the following services, many of which are engaged in criminal activities that violate human rights and the freedom of speech in America:
  • Gmail / Google / Google services
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Amazon and Amazon Web Services
  • AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Verizon and Spectrum
  • Apple Store and iCloud
The outages have affected literally millions of websites and e-commerce sites and demonstrate that all these tech companies have an Achilles Heel — a common infrastructure that can be crippled and taken down in seconds.
Two days ago, the DOJ essentially declared war against Google — which is exactly the right move — by announcing it had begun an anti-trust investigation into Google’s anti-competitive practices. This took place barely two weeks after the White House announced an effort to collect case studies from people and businesses all across America who have been censored, de-platformed or economically sabotaged by Google and other tech giants.

You are likely watching a high-stakes WAR being waged between Big Tech and President Trump

ANALYSIS: What you’re actually watching may be the Trump administration firing a warning shot over the bow of Silicon Valley and its evil tech giants. The message is clear: If you continue to censor the human rights and free speech of conservatives and Christians, you will be taken down and denied access to the internet infrastructure.
This is just the beginning of what’s coming. I have publicly called for the arrest and prosecution of big tech CEOs like Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook. These organizations — Google, Apple, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook — are openly engaged in massive, coordinated criminal fraud, election rigging and treason against the United States of America. These techno-fascists are operating online cartels that suffocate the speech of conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters.
These evil techno-fascists must be stopped. Their CEOs must be arrested, and their operations must be either radically reformed or completely dismantled and taken offline.
It’s time for all humans on planet Earth to demand the dismantling of Big Tech and end its crimes against humanity. The systematic censorship of speech for political purposes is a criminal act of war against the human race. These tech giants must be stopped the same way we once stopped Adolf Hitler: Declare war, then defeat the evil fascists using the full power of the military. It’s time for Trump to call for the military police to locate and arrest the CEOs of the tech giants, then hold them for prosecutions under military law.
Make no mistake: Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Pichai, Cook and others are truly enemies of humanity and the enemies of freedom all around the world. It’s time to remove them from power and restore human freedom on a global scale.
See and share the memes at OnlineCivilRights.org:

George Soros, Bill Gates, Ford Foundation and Google are all running a massive censorship scheme to silence independent media on the ‘net

(Natural News) George Soros, Bill Gates, the Ford Foundation, and the Google News Lab are all running a massive censorship schemeto silence and suppress certain independent media sources across social media platforms while promoting their own investments in online media.
Google has become a tool of censorship — a totalitarian nightmare — banning influential media sources such as InfoWars, while funding a leftist organization that praises Google’s own censorship of InfoWars.
This leftist organization that Google promotes on their own behalf, The Center for Investigative Reporting, is funded by a slew of wealthy string pullers: George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and most peculiarly, Google’s own News Lab. This “Center for Investigative Reporting” now runs “The Hate Report” which is a recurring column that glorifies the violent, left-wing terror group Antifa, while attacking InfoWars as “the gateway drug for white supremacists.”
Basically, “the Center for Investigative Reporting” is a bought-off publication, brought to prominence by a few wealthy donors who need a publication to do their dirty work and promote their dying ideas of race baiting, speech control, and fact-burying. Google funds this publication and promotes it above other inferior censored media sources; all the while the publication praises Google’s ban of InfoWars on the basis of some righteous “eradication of racism” campaign. The censorship of InfoWars and the shadow banning of the true free press is motivated by business interests and the left’s quest for power over the minds of the public.
The internet’s true free press is stifled by wealthy manipulators working with the technology giants. These leftist organizations are given a platform to succeed, and on top of it all, they are given free access to smear and libel their competition. All the while, the free press is banned across social media, with no due process and no evidence required to justify the censorship and demonetization. These coordinated bans across social media accuse the free press of anything from “inciting hate or division” to being Russian agents or “spreaders of disinformation.” People like Bill Gates believe they know which information is true or false, which information is fit for consumption. So drunk on power, Bill Gates believes he can eradicate the world of information that doesn’t support his political and business interests.

Google-funded and favored “Hate Report” smears InfoWars as gateway for “white supremacy”

The latest Google-funded “Hate Report” tells the story of Andrew Anglin, editor of The Daily Stormer. The report says Anglin was convinced to become a “neo-Nazi” just by listening to Alex Jones’ radio show. The “Hate Report” says Anglin was “radicalized” by the white supremacy gateway conspiracy hub called InfoWars.
This “Hate Report” does not represent the free press; it is not the independent media. It is a well-funded, coordinated platform allowing progressives, leftists, political operatives, and special interests a place to attack independent media so it can be justifiably banned across social media sites. After Google decided to ban Alex Jones from their platforms, these “Hate Reports” became reinforcement to justify their doing. These anti-trust violations are an attempt to control the narrative using both censorship and false accusations simultaneously.
How can millions of individuals’ decisions and behaviors be blamed on a media source anyway? Information can be used by individuals in different ways. People should be free to make up their own minds on how they interpret media. A select few should not decide who can write, speak, do videos, and podcasts. At the end of the day, there is no justification to ban Alex Jones and all the other independent media, independent thinkers, and eclectic voices that are on the internet. We should not be forced to think like George Soros or Bill Gates. This is America and there should be consequences for this kind of money laundering and manipulation of media online.
For more on the censorship frontvisit Obey.news.
Sources include:

Why it’s time to break up the oppressive tech giants: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple

(Natural News) Wealth, power, and influence are concentrated in the hands of an elite few in American society. It’s time to get serious about breaking up these monopolies to allow real competition in the marketplace. Never before have four companies (Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook) hoarded so much wealth, stifled so much competition, and controlled so many aspects of people’s lives.
The five major media companies that control most of your information, (Disney, 21st Century Fox, CBS, Time Warner, and Viacom) are not nearly as powerful as Facebook and Google. Even if you merged the five major media companies with the five major communication companies (AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Charter, and Dish) and the world’s top five advertising agencies (WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, IPG, and Dentsu) their total net worth is only 90 percent of that of Facebook and Google, which together are worth $1.3 trillion. Facebook and Google are gatekeepers of the news media online, with the power to censor content that challenges the status quo and progressive ideologies.
Meanwhile, Apple is the most valuable publicly traded company, valued at $900 billion. Raking in $46 billion in profits in 2016, Apple has more power than big banks like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase. Amazon is another monopoly with unchecked power. With a market cap of $591 billion, Amazon has more stock market value than Wal-Mart, Costco, T.J. Maxx, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Ulta, Ross, Saks/Lord & Taylor, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, JC Penny, and Sears combined. Amazon won’t be held accountable by a free press because they can buy influence. For example, they purchased the Washington Post, a protection that leverages the news in their network’s favor. These big four monopolies are valued nearly as great as every stock traded on the Nasdaq in 2001, with $2.8 trillion in market capitalization.
Are these four companies really making life easier for all of us, or are they dominating in ways that threaten American values?
Electronic snooping is a big issue that the public is wary about but openly accepts anyway. Amazon tracks your purchases; Amazon’s Alexa is collecting data from conversations in your own home. Google searches, Facebook likes, Facebook comments, iPhone location data, and the iPhone microphone and camera are all being used against consumers, collecting data about users, invading your privacy, and exploiting all your information for target marketing and further surveillance. Big Tech basically sells you out, taking your electronic data, your spending patterns, email addressing, location data, travel information, contacts, pictures, and more to enrich themselves. These companies should not have the right to freely sell your information to others.
Unlike traditional monopolies, these four companies have kept their prices low, avoiding anti-trust regulation. However, they have silently ripped apart the journalism, publishing, music, and entertainment industries over the years. Their dominance is the reason why commercial real estate and retail shopping malls are hurting like never before.
Silicon Valley’s Big Tech oligarchy knows how to dodge taxes, damaging investments in American infrastructure. The taxes they do pay are so important to the functioning of the government, these four companies gain extraordinary influence over public policy, dictating even more aspects of people’s lives. Investing in robot and AI technology, these monopolies are willing to discard human workers in order to cut costs and increase their net worth. Both corporate middle-management and entry-level service jobs are disappearing because of these four Big Tech rulers.
If the public is just going to accept Big Tech’s monopoly going forward, then everyone must prepare themselves to live as peasants, living under their thumb, on their terms. Sure, you might have the ease of purchases through Amazon, but your local retail and community entrepreneurship is suffering. Sure, you might have the comfort of an expensive iphone, but it’s slowly exploiting your privacy and turning you into zombie, tracking your every move. Sure, you might be able to get easy information directly from Google and Facebook, but now they have the power to control the information you get, censor information they don’t want you to hear, and promote the brands they can benefit from. (For more on Big Tech censorship, visit Censored.News.)

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