05-16-James Comey after FISA App Lie Revealed

Net Grows Tighter on James Comey after FISA App Lie Revealed

Thinking about the Holocaust may give Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) a “calming feeling.” She says it does, so we have to take her word for it. Do you know what gives me a calming feeling? Those deep, dark circles underneath James Comey’s eyes these days.
Are you sleeping well, Jimbo?
Comey looks like something has been giving him sleepless nights lately. His shoulders appear to have developed a slump, which is observable whenever he photographs himself wistfully gazing at a cornfield and tweets about how icky Donald Trump is. I’ll bet I know why James Comey is having trouble sleeping. It’s because of that dastardly “Russian agent,” Carter Page.
That’s what you called Carter Page in 2016, isn’t it, Mr. Comey? I want to make sure that I quote you accurately, so let’s take a look at the 2016 FISA warrant that you signed off on. It reads:
“The target of this [FISA] application is Carter W. Page, a US person, and an agent of a foreign power. The FBI believes the Russian government’s efforts are being coordinated with Page and perhaps other individuals associated with Candidate #1’s campaign.”
Comey did not state that Carter Page might be a Russian agent. Comey didn’t tell the FISA court, “Hey, there’s something fishy going on here and we want to spy on any Russians who might be trying to contact Carter Page.”
The FISA warrant application that has been partially declassified states, emphatically and without any doubt whatsoever, that Carter Page was “an agent of a foreign power,” i.e. a Russian agent. James Comey signed his name to that FISA warrant and stated it as a matter of truth that Carter Page was a Russian agent. Three FISA warrant renewals were also signed by Comey, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein.
Within that FISA application that James Comey signed his name to, it states that Carter Page went and gave a speech at the New Economic School in Russia. This is absolutely a true statement. Speaking at the New Economic School is common and mundane. I have a personal friend who has given multiple talks there. Almost 30 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russians are still trying to figure out how to best implement that whole “capitalism” thing so they can have a better country. American speakers go over there all the time to talk about capitalism and economics.
But… Comey’s signed FISA application says Carter Page had a secret meeting with a Russian energy oligarch named Igor Sechin while he was in Moscow for that speech. Comey’s signed FISA application then states that Carter Page had a second secret meeting with some guy from the Russian government to talk about alleged compromising information that the Russians had on Trump.
The FBI said that it had concrete information – a “confidential human source” – who had evidence that Carter Page had those two secret meetings with the Russians. Comey’s signed FISA application fails to mention that the confidential human source was a paid employee of the Hillary Clinton campaign – former British spy Christopher Steele.
No matter, though. If anyone could get to the bottom of that evil Russian spy of evilness Carter Page’s nefarious plot, it would be James Comey’s long-time best friend ever, Robert Mueller. After all, Mueller and Comey had trained together under the expert guidance of Eric Holder in the Justice Department of Bill Clinton. Mueller would leave no stone unturned!
Well, Mueller did turn over a lot of stones. And now, the proof of Carter Page’s nefarious and evil Russian espionage is described in painstaking detail in the definitive Mueller Report. You can read it for yourself. Just crack open the 448-page Mueller Report and flip through until you reach page… um… page… hrmmm… should be right about…
Oh, wait, my bad. Robert Mueller found no evidence at all that Carter Page had any secret meetings with the Russians. Mueller even sent a team to London to talk to Hillary’s foreign spy Christopher Steele, who was desperate to stop Trump, to look at his “evidence.”
James Comey’s sworn FISA court statement that Carter Page is a Russian agent was so false that his best friend Mueller never even mentions it in his 448-page report. If anyone from Team Trump was going to jail for actual Russian collusion, it would have been “Russian agent” Carter Page.
Except Carter Page was never a Russian agent. Is that why you’re having so much trouble sleeping, Comey? Because we know the truth now? Because you lied to the FISA court about Carter Page, so you could spy on the Trump campaign? Perhaps a sleeping pill would help you get some rest. Just don’t take the whole bottle, because there is one more court proceeding that Americans really want to watch you participate in, James. It’s the one where you get charged with a crime.

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